Dance Marathon is an amazing event put on by students in high school! The entire night is dedicated to raising money for kids at Riley Hospital through the Herman B Wells Center. The night is filled with games, activities, fundraising challenges, Riley family stories and lots of smiles. Dance Marathon is an event that helps kids be kids again!


We need you to be a hero for the kids! Join the movement or make a donation today.

Student-Led Movement

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a student-led movement on campus supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. All year long, we raise funds for kids at our local children's hospital by hosting various events and fundraisers around campus. 

Dedicated to supporting kids

I'm joining other students, faculty and community members who are dedicated to supporting kids and families in need by asking for donations from friends like YOU!

Donations to stay local to help kids in our community

Donations stay local to ensure that all kids get the care they need. YOU can be a hero for sick and injured kids!