Karen Kudla-Gardner $20.00 • February 11, 2018 Good Luck Mary!!! Joe was there too!!!! Have fun.
Candice Walczak $20.00 • February 11, 2018 Good luck Mary! 🎶
Anonymous $20.00 • February 9, 2018 Good Luck Mary!!
Mom $200.00 • February 9, 2018 As you are dancing, remember all the wonderful people you met at BCH that helped you to be able to dance today. Where would you be without Dr. Bridget Quinn's knowledge and TLC? And the expertise that Dr, d'Hemecourt had in order to give you a painless cortizone shot in the back? AMAZING! What about the friendly exercise specialists at all those Sunday sessions at The Micheli Center?Keep on dancing for the kids!
Sarah $15.00 • October 15, 2017 You're a rockstar!!

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