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Kathleen Glassen $50.00 • September 15, 2017 So very proud of all your efforts!!! You are an amazing young woman!!
Aunt Lara and Uncle Mike $50.00 • September 12, 2017 So proud of always! When I was your age, we'll just say I wasn't quite so mature and leave it at that:). LOVE YOU!
Troy Stiefvater from Kaysun $20.00 • September 6, 2017 From Troy Stiefvater at Kaysun...
Kathy Bower $25.00 • September 6, 2017
Anonymous $30.00 • September 5, 2017
Kenneth Glassen $50.00 • September 5, 2017 So proud of you and how you always find the time to support great causes!!! Have fun and enjoy!

Love you!
Anonymous $25.00 • September 4, 2017 Do a cha cha for us!! I can give you a lesson!

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