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Hello Friends,

Welcome to the start of a new year for Emmanuel College Dance Marathon! This marks my third year being a part of this inspirational program and also my second year on the ECDM Executive Board. 

This year, I was chosen to be one of the In-Events Coordinators for the 2019 ECDM event. My co-coordinator and I will be in charge of planning and organizing the 12-hour event, held in March 2019, celebrating all of the fundraising done throughout the year. 

Looking back on my first year participating in Dance Marathon, as an excited college freshman, I could never have imagined how much ECDM would have affected my life. When I first signed up, early fall of 2016, I knew this program created incredible opportunities for the children who needed it most. Since I was young, I have been passionate about helping others whenever possible. In college I could find no better way to do this than by pledging to help my little neighbors at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

Dance Marathon has inspired me to become the type of person I could have never imagined being. It is incredibly motivating being a part of a national fundraiser where millions of people are commiting for the kids. 

Words cannot describe the heartwarming and life-changing effects Emmanuel College Dance Marathon, along with the children in miracle hospitals, have on me, and the people involved in Dance Marathon. 

I hope the inspiration ECDM has had on me will inspire you to commit for the kids, and donate any amount you can. Every donation makes a difference. Each year I make a promise to the children at Boston Children's Hospital that I will double my goal from the previous year. This year I vow to raise $1,000 for my little neighbors. 

Boston Children’s Hospital treats approximately 1,900 patients every single day. These programs make each patient’s stay a little brighter.

$30 – Can provide the balloons for one day in the emergency department.

$50 – Can provide 10 meal vouchers for families.

$75 – Can provide Parent Coffee Hour for an inpatient floor.

$100 - Can provide a helium tank for Child Life. The hospital goes through one helium tank per week decorating for holidays and patient birthdays.

If you help me reach my goal of $1,000, you could be part of providing the 10 helium tanks, 13 Parent Coffee Hours, 200 meals vouchers for families, or 33 days of balloons that make every day in a miracle hospital a little brighter.  


Patrick Fay


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