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Friends and family!

As I enter my fourth and final year of Emmanuel College, I am so honored and excited to be serving on the Dance Marathon executive board for the 3rd time! This year, I will be the Director of Fundraising; I am so ready to use my role to make some miracles for our beautiful, brave neighbors at Boston Children's Hospital!

My obscure goal of $4,305 has a deeper meaning. If I was to be as lucky to raise this amount this means, my personal fundraising (over the past 4 years) will equal $10,000. Not a single penny would be possible without the generous donations of all of you. To think the money we are raising goes towards life-saving medical research, family medical bills and housing, and balloons for the emergency department to make the hospital seem a little less scary for the kids. These donations mean so much more than that though; they are making the hospital a home, not just for the kids, but for their strong families as well.

I couldn't be where I am without the generous, amazing donations from you all! Please continue to consider supporting me in my efforts to help the kids. 



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