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Hey everyone!

Its me, Alexia! I am so excited & thankful that you took the time to visit my page for a cause that is very near & dear to my heart! As some of you may know, I am a part of a non-profit organization called Miracle Network Dance Marathon that is devoted to raising funds for the children at Boston Children's hospital! Just recently, my committee & I was able to receive a tour of Boston Children's Hospital to learn EXACTLY how the funds that we raise benefit the children & their families...

$30 – Can provide the balloons for one day in the emergency department.
$50 – Can provide 10 meal vouchers for families.

$75 – Can provide Parent Coffee Hour for an inpatient floor.
$100 - Can provide a helium tank! The hospital goes through one helium tank per week decorating for holidays and patient birthdays.

Boston Children’s Hospital treats approximately 1,900 patients every single day & the money we raise makes each patient's stay a little brighter! ALL donations, no matter how big or small, helps make a difference in the lives of every child & their families during their time of injury & illness! In addition, any and all contributions are tax deductible!  

Last year, I was able to raise $560 with the help from all of YOU! I hope that this upcoming year we can raise even more for the children & their families! It's greatly appreciated that we're coming TOGETHER to raise money for this great cause! Please click the "Support Me" button on this page to donate!

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my fundraising page!


Alexia πŸ’›


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