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Dear Friends and Family,

For 4 years I have participated in Dance Marathon, it is bittersweet for me to think that this will be my last year as a Executive Board member for this program. But then I remember how sweet it is for the children that I am helping with all the money I raise who when their time comes, get to say goodbye to a hospital and head back to a home. 

This is now my 4th year participating in Dance Marathon, my goal this year is to hopefully hit $1,200 so that I can help contribute to the hospital that changes kids lives by improving their health and stays while at the hospital! 

I have been lucky enough to live a childhood where a hospital visit was a once and a while thing. There are families and children that have to consider the hospital their home. I am fundraising so that I can hopefully help children move from their hospital beds to their own beds back home! 

Emmanuel College's partnership with Boston Children's Hospital has grown for 8 years in working together to fundraise and help make things like birthday parties, all the way to new research and surgeries possible for the patients at the hospital! Please consider donating to me and helping me in reaching my goal to raise money, For The Kids. 

FTK and many thanks,

-Meghan Larkin 


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