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Thank-you for visiting my page! I am SO thankful for the support you're contributing to the ArnieTHON event at UMass Dartmouth on FEBRUARY 24th! This is an event the Miracle Network Dance Marathon organization at UMass Dartmouth puts together! The Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a nonprofit organization devoted to raising funds for the children at Boston Children's hospital. ALL donations, no matter how big or small, helps make a difference in the lives of every child & their families during their time of injury & illness! In addition, any and all contributions are tax deductible.

Boston Children’s Hospital treats approximately 1,900 patients every single day. These programs make each patient’s stay a little brighter.
$30 – Can provide the balloons for one day in the emergency department.
$50 – Can provide 10 meal vouchers for families.

$75 – Can provide Parent Coffee Hour for an inpatient floor.
$100 - Can provide a helium tank for Child Life. The hospital goes through one helium tank per week decorating for holidays and patient birthdays.

It's greatly appreciated that we're all coming TOGETHER to raise money for this great cause! Please click the "Support Me" button on this page to donate!

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!


Alexia Reis


Spread the word and give kids like Jaden every chance to get better.

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