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Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my fundraising page! It means the world to me knowing that you are willing to donate to such a good cause. All contributions, no matter how big or how small, goes directly to Boston Children's Hospital (BCH). The image below shows how your dollar impacts the children being treated at BCH and the family that supports them. In addition, any and all contributions are tax deductible.

Many of us know someone, whether that be ourselves, a loved one, or a family member/friend who was treated at BCH. In 2007, I was sent to Boston Children's Hospital because no one in the area could figure out the rare skin condition I was developing. Through the Children's Miracle Network organization, I received support, and later an effective treatment plan, from the best physicians in the world for my condition. They were the ones who helped diagnose me with hydroavacciniforme, a rare skin condition where someone is allergic to the sun. Without them, I would never know what was wrong with me nor receive top care to treat my condition.

Boston Children’s Hospital treats approximately 1,900 patients every single day. These programs make each patient’s stay a little brighter.
$30 – Can provide the balloons for one day in the emergency department.
$50 – Can provide 10 meal vouchers for families.
$75 – Can provide Parent Coffee Hour for an inpatient floor.
$100 - Can provide a helium tank for Child Life. The hospital goes through one helium tank per week decorating for holidays and patient birthdays.

Donating online is safe and easy! To make an online donation please click the "Support Me" button on this page.

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