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Dawn Tonkinson

Delta Zeta WIU Dance Marathon 2018

Dear Friends & Family, 

Welcome to my fundraising page! You may ask yourself, what is dance marathon and why is it so special? Well let me tell you why this organization means more to me than anything at this time in my life. 

Starting at 9 months old, I was labeled as a sick child. I have been in and out the hospital more than you would want to think. Countless doctors, specialists, medical teams, and so forth is what my childhood had to consist of. As I started to get older and was able to get control of what my life had thrown at me, I wanted to give back to those who have given to me at my time in need. Dance Marathon is an organzation where I get to give to these kids who need it, and give these kids hope just like I was given. Seeing that I can bring a little bit of joy to these children by dancing all night long is what pushes me to keep going.

Dance Marathon is a 12 hour long event where we are on our feet the whole time dancing the night away. All money is going towards children's miracle network hospitals, and it can be tax deductible. Any donation received is greatly appreciated! Please help me keep putting smiles on these kids faces and helping them get the childhood that they deserve. Hope is something I have always lived by since I got sick, and I want these kids to be able to have as much hope as I did getting through this all. Lets bring hope back into these childrens lives together! 





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