Allison Herskovitz

Phi Chi Theta Terp Thon 2018

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Over the last five summers, I have learned so much working as a camp counselor!  Not only did I further refine my leadership and motivational skills, but I also saw the impact that a positive role model and a fun summer camp experience can have on children.  One of the most rewarding moments at camp was when I was able to watch one of my campers conquer her fear of heights and go on the zip line over the lake.  The smile on her face from excitement and pride is a sight I will never forget.  

Unfortunately, not all kids are as lucky as my campers have been to attend such an exceptional camp and have great, relaxing summer experiences that they will cherish throughout their lifetimes.  Every minute, 62 kids enter a Children's Miracle Network Hospital around the country.  That means that there are 62 kids every minute who may not be able go to school or play with their friends.  Thanks to philanthropic donations, no child is ever turned away from lifesaving treatment because of their inability to pay.  Terp Thon-- the largest student run philanthropy organization in the state of Maryland-- works year round to help raise awareness and money for the Children's National Health System, our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, to help those kids.  

On March 3rd, I will dance for 12 hours at our Dance Marathon to represent a nurse's shift at Children's National.  Because of our efforts, the US News & World Report once again named Children's National to the Honor Roll of the best children's hospitals in the country! Because of our efforts, we can ensure that kids get the chance to enjoy healthy and happy childhoods. 

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