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Thank you for your interest in becoming a captain for Dance Marathon at Florida State University 2018! The Captain Program is composed of over 200 leaders dedicated to all things FTK. Being a Captain is a yearlong commitment, where each leader is dedicated to be an advocate for DM at FSU, as well as complete the responsibilities of their respective positions. 
Applications will be available from September 5, 2017 – September 15, 2017. There is a non-refundable $25 captain application fee, which will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network and the FSU College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach Programs. 
To apply, click the Buy Tickets! button to get started! Once you have applied, you will receive a confirmation email.
Please review the captain descriptions below before completing your application. Descriptions are also available to be viewed on We ask that you select your TOP 3 captain positions; we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. 
Captain Position Descriptions
Technology Captains  
There will be 10-12 Technology Captains that have various responsibilities within the Technology Team.
Photography Captains
Own a camera or have access to one
Attend events leading up to Dance Marathon to take photos/edit
Attend one shift of Dance Marathon to take photos/edit
Production Captains
Own a camera or have access to one
Attend events leading up to Dance Marathon to take video/edit
Attend one shift of Dance Marathon to take video/edit
Edit and produce videos in a timely manner  
Create cohesive stories through film
Be creative with innovative video ideas
Information Technology Captains
Have knowledge about website design and upkeep
Good communication as we will be updating the website constantly
Attend one shift of Dance Marathon to help in the technology booth
Fundraising Captains
There will be 10-12 External Fundraising Captains that will have various roles within the Fundraising Team.
Motivates each captain to look at the bigger picture of fundraising, not just on an individual level but as an organization as a whole
facilitate yearlong fundraising through strategically planned campaigns
Provide physical support as needed for monthly fundraising pushes (volunteer at Letter Writing Campaign, Market Wednesday tabling, Comma Club shirt distribution, etc.)
Facilitate at-event fundraising (movies, sit time, poker game, packages, etc.)
Provide encouragement to dancers and participants at event
Expected to attend opening/closing ceremonies during one shift and final shift
Motivate individual dancers, fundraisers and organizations to fundraise using new and creative ideas, tips and tricks to help them reach their highest potentials in terms of fundraising
Work closely with the Membership team and the High School Programs team to work and assist their delegates and participants
Family Relations Captains
There will be 10-12 Family Relations Captains that act as liaisons between our Miracle Families and the organizations that they are paired with.
Attend and participate in bi-weekly meetings
Help plan and prepare for family events throughout the year
Attend the homecoming parade and walk with the miracle families
Brainstorm ideas and crafts for the family room at the marathon
Reach out to restaurants for food donations for the family room
Coordinate with the Membership team involving details about the Miracle Family Adoption Program
Brainstorm creative ways to keep the families involved with the dancers
Hang out with the families at the marathon and ensure that they are having the time of their lives!
Be a student advocate within organizations and remind people why we work so hard for this organization.
Have a positive, genuine attitude that is FTK always!
Marketing and PR Captains
There will be 10-12 Marketing Captains that have various responsibilities within the Marketing and Publicity Team.
Social Media Captains
o Be able to broaden the social media reach of DM at FSU
o Create social media campaigns to help facilitate awareness and fundraising
o Work the multiple social media accounts 
Art & Design Captains
o Have experience in graphic design and create professional and fun graphics 
o Understand the basics of editing and graphic creating programs 
o Promote DM at FSU through social media and graphic design 
o Help create merchandise proofs for our online catalog
Public Relations Captains
o Interview students and partners for the blog
o Keep up with our social media, especially our Tumblr page
o Run selective Market Wednesdays
o Promote DM at FSU to the Tallahassee community in new ways!
Hospitality Captains
There will be 10-12 Hospitality Captains that have a major role in ensuring the goals of the Hospitality Team are fulfilled.
Attend hospitality meetings (twice a month)
Flexible schedule during Fall – able to go to businesses during the weekdays
Able to brainstorm new innovative ideas regarding food efficiency for over 1800 students at the event
Assist with the planning and organizing of share-it-nights
Meet with local businesses; explain what Dance Marathon is and why we need their help.
Set up hospitality tables for External Events
Plan community events that engage our partners 
High School Program Captains
High School Program Captains will work alongside our CORE members by working directly with one of our high school executive boards to assist in putting on a high school-level Dance Marathon. There will be 10-12 High School Program Captains.
Facilitate high school Executive meetings
Brainstorm ideas to get their schools involved and fundraising
Reinforce how much DM at FSU supports the high school program
Communicates our brand to the selected high school
Some of the requirements for this position include time management skills, patience (as you are working with high school students regularly) and a drive to help bring Dance Marathon into the Tallahassee community by assisting in putting on an entire marathon!
Marathon Events Captains
There will be 10-12 Marathon Events Captains that will maintain ensure that the 40-hour Dance Marathon runs as smoothly and wonderfully as possible.
Manage Passive/Interactive Activities: Olympics, Video Games, DJ, Backyard, etc.
Marathon Events Captains are putting on one of the largest events on campus so they must enjoy event planning and executing 
Gather supplies and resources for the marathon
Manage Dancer Services
Brainstorm new ways to entertain dancers
Keep dancers in the loop of all things happening
Marathon Events captains are ideally students with great imaginations, and who can work well in an environment that may at times be a little stressful
External Events Captains
There will be 10-12 External Events Captains that comprise the External Events Team. 
Attend External Event meetings (twice per month)
Be a student advocate for Miracle Week, Rally Week, and other events
Be willing to learn the basics in on campus event planning 
Provide physical support as needed for Miracle Week/Rally Week and additional events (handout flyers, and set up/take down at the events)
Be organized, creative, and have free time to devote to DM
Improve initiatives and programming for the marathon (dancer jail, wall of fame, etc.)
Work with Tallahassee community events to help table and spread the word of DM at FSU
Have a radiant passion for Dance Marathon!
The External Events team puts on at least 10 events throughout the academic year. An enjoyment for event planning and executing is necessary!
Partnership Captains
There will be 4-6 Partnership Captains that will serve as liaisons between DM and local businesses within the Tallahassee Community.
Have confidence and passion for Dance Marathon when speaking to potential and current sponsors/partners (and always)
Comfortability while talking on the phone to business owners/ managers 
Assist in activating sponsorship packages at External Events and the main event 
Maintaining our relationships with local corporate businesses (Uber, Smoothie King, Garnet and Gold, Divvy Up, etc.)
Basic research skills to assist in finding appropriate contact information
Work directly with Sponsorship assistants to reach out to new businesses
Creative in finding new ways to engage businesses throughout the year
Attend and participate at weekly/ bi-weekly meetings!
A positive attitude and drive to work hard FTK!
Operations Captains
There will be 10-12 Operations Captains that complete the Operations Team. They will have various responsibilities before and during the event. 
Help set up External Events throughout the year 
Design layout of the Marathon 
Serve as liaison for Garnet and Gold Goes green and other on campus organizations
Work directly with the Civic Center to ensure the event has pipe and drape, stages, lights, and sound
Monitor volunteers as they work security
Must have good communication skills with team members as well as local businesses
Must be flexible, able to deal with a variation of projects and personalities 
Always maintaining a positive and calm attitude in stressful and tight situations
Students who enjoy risk management, and event planning would benefit from this position!
Morale Captains
Morale Captains will work collaboratively throughout the year with the Morale Staff and CORE Team in assisting with external and internal events for Dance Marathon. They will serve as part of the role models, leaders, and educators for the organization. Reaching out to the FSU community, being respectful, fundraising, remaining flexible, positive, and dependable are just some of the few qualities that qualify as a Morale Captain. This position entails a lot of selflessness, meaning, that being a Morale Captain is about 
helping/motivating the Dancers at the event, and getting people informed on the “why” of Dance Marathon, and why we exist on Florida State’s campus. There will be 100-120 Morale Captains.
Should be available for meetings every Tuesday after 6pm and for various events throughout the year. 
Develop activities, theme hours, games, and fundraising ideas for the marathon
Help run selective Market Wednesdays 
Attend all events leading up to DM
Help create the nine-minute linedance 
Help run and motivate high school dance marathons in the Spring 
Manage a small group of dancers, including hosting an orientation
Be advocates for Dance Marathon at FSU 
Recruitment Captains
There will be 10-12 Recruitment Captains that help fulfill the goals of the Recruitment Team!
Have a passion for Dance Marathon that you are able to easily communicate to people who have never participated or heard of Dance Marathon
Attend Recruitment Meetings twice a month
Table at all Dance Marathon tabling fairs, Market Wednesdays, RSO events
Recruit existing RSO’s to create Dance Marathon teams
Assist with Recruitment Rally’s for Dancers and Volunteers
A friendly, outgoing attitude is important for talking to new people!
Check in volunteers & alumni at the Marathon
Be able to support other teams at the Marathon and by attending external events leading up to the Marathon
Our team consists of 2 Recruitment chairs, an Experience Chair, and Alumni Relations Chair so in addition to recruiting, you may be asked to help plan retreats with our Experience Chair or assist with recruiting and maintaining relationships with Alumni
Membership Captains
Membership Captains will be one of the main sources of communication from the Dance Marathon Team to the Delegates. There will be 7-10 Membership Captains.
Be a confidant and mentor to the Delegates
Help to ensure that the organizations are maintaining their fundraising goals
Help teams create Mini Marathons in the Fall to fundraise for the marathon, as well as score these events
Assist in brainstorming fundraising ideas for the organizations and ensuring their execution 
Attend Delegate meetings on Wednesday nights, as well at internal team meetings 
Promote and attend Dance Marathon External Events
Work with Fundraising Captains to be transparent with the Delegates in their fundraising reports 
We are looking for individuals from all different backgrounds: past delegates, dancers, and those new to Dance Marathon are all welcome!
Merchandise Captains
There will be 10-12 Merchandise Captains who will help in the distribution and design of all of our FTK apparel. 
Work professionally with our merchandise distributors (i.e. Full Press) 
Create new and trendy designs for the online merchandise store, square
Distribute merchandise to members of organizations whose purchased
Develop new promotional items for people to purchase
We are looking for individuals with a creative eye, who want to design and distribute new and exciting merchandise for our Tallahassee community 
Outreach Captains
There will be 5-7 Outreach Captains who will help in the distribution and design of all of our FTK apparel. 
Work alongside our Alumni Board to create events to engage our FSU Dance Marathon alumni 
Promote our Dance Marathon cause to members of the Tallahassee community
Assist the outreach team with InsipiratioNOLE Leaders meetings, our new leadership development program within Dance Marathon. 
We are looking for individuals who are looking to spread our cause not only on our FSU campus but as well as in our Tallahassee community