RebelTHON is from 1pm-1am on February 16th at tad Smith Coliseum on Ole Miss' campus

The last day to register for Dance Marathon is February 17th.

We are students united by one mission – to help our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, which treats children from our area and provides life-saving care to sick and injured kids in need. We are united around these kids and families from Blair E. Batson in Jackson, MS.

We are this generation fighting for the next.

If you have any questions about the event or about getting involved in RebelTHON please contact our president, Ashley Mayberry, at or (314) 882-9843.

If you have questions about what RebelTHON is, how to set up your fundraising page, or about a donation to our cause, the FAQ page can help or visit our website at

We need you to be a hero for the kids! Join the movement or make a donation today.

Student-Led Movement

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a student-led movement on campus supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. All year long, we raise funds for kids at our local children's hospital by hosting various events and fundraisers around campus. 

Dedicated to supporting kids

I'm joining other students, faculty and community members who are dedicated to supporting kids and families in need by asking for donations from friends like YOU!

Donations to stay local to help kids in our community

Donations stay local to ensure that all kids get the care they need. YOU can be a hero for sick and injured kids!